Jermaine Corban is the principal solicitor at JB Corban Lawyers. Jermaine Corban personally takes charge of each case and is dedicated to ensuring that each case is well prepared and presented accurately in Court.
Jermaine Corban handles a wide range of traffic law and criminal law cases, including but not limited to, driving while disqualified/suspended, drink driving, drug driving, domestic violence offences, assault and sexual assault offences, drug offences, fraud offences and more serious offences of manslaughter and murder.
During the initial consultation, you will meet Jermaine Corban, who will provide honest and accurate advice. Jermaine will devise a plan with you so that the best possible result can be achieved.
You can easily contact Jermaine Corban through JB Corban Lawyers websites contact form, by calling Jermaine directly on 0438 089 933 or by emailing Jermaine Corban at
Yes, Jermaine Corban is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted directly on his mobile so that immediate assistance can be given for all pressing matters.
Yes, Jermaine Corban personally handles every matter and does not engage paralegals or junior solicitors to appear at Court. Jermaine Corban also works very closely with a variety of experienced, highly skilled and dedicated barristers, who if retained, can assist Jermaine Corban with your legal matter.
We encourage you to contact Jermaine Corban directly on his mobile so that you can gain insight into his approach, experience, and commitment. Following your conversation with Jermaine Corban you can then make arrangements to meet with him in person.